Saturday, August 9, 2014

Black Peach Flower 
(Rating: 7/10)

She likes him. Or is it because of a love potion?

I wouldn’t say it’s a good read. But it is entertaining. A short & satisfying one-shot shoujo. Hardly memorable but it isn’t mediocre either. Recommending it for the twist. Basically, read it if you have nothing else to do.

For your typical shoujo lovers.

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Game Over
(Rating: 10/10)

What are you doing not reading this title?! So. Good. It’s one of the most satisfying one-shot josei manga I’ve read.

I’ve mentioned this before but I’m a sucker for older female younger male things. And of course, this is that. It’s about a pretty office lady who adores the attention she gets on the bus but can’t seem to catch the attention of that middle school boy she sits beside with, even after several attempts. The story follows them as their relationship progresses through time skips. Maybe nothing new, but the pacing and twists are just so well done.

Give this a try even if you’re not all into that romance stuff. There’s a little bit of fluff but nothing too sappy. Go read this. Simple but a good read.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Love Roma
(Rating: 8/10)

Story of a super straight-forward guy who asks a girl out. The girl agrees and the manga follows the ups and downs of their relationship. 

I guess if this were shoujo it would be overdone and I’d forget about it immediately. Interesting thing about Love Roma though, is that it’s seinen, so it has all the elements of a typical shoujo manga but… it’s presented in a sort of bland, slice of life, no fluff thing. The way the male lead is so honest is just refreshing from all those non-existent bishounen characters. He’s definitely the key as to why Love Roma is unique. The premise sounds awfully simple and really, it doesn’t try to be anything else, with the series also only 5 volumes.

It’s an interesting take on the high school romance setting. Recommended to older audiences!

Love Catalog
(Rating: 8/10)

Will this manga never have updates… 

Love Catalog is like *the* couple growth manga. Think His and Her Circumstances sans dark past. Very slice of life and coming of age. It’s quite seriously only about Mika and her boyfriend as they grow up, graduate high school and go into college. Unfortunately, scanlations updates have stopped during the BEST PART. Mika doesn’t want to have sex while Tanaka does!! I mean, what shoujo coming of age romance would be complete without that?! It would not. That is why the dilemma is there. 

Anyway, even if it isn’t scanlated completely, it’s still a good read. Lots of fluff so definitely for your typical shoujo readers only.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Dear Mine
(Rating: 8/10)

Satoko is a very simple girl who enjoys simpe things. One day, she gets rescued by a small boy… and she’s actually…. arranged to marry him! *gasp*

Mentioning it again, I have a soft spot for manga with arranged marriage as a theme. AND, a soft spot for the older female, younger male thing. So yes, I enjoyed Dear Mine. Fuuma, the young boy, is so lovable and cute. He endures a lot of insecurities to prove himself to Satoko. Some people may be a bit bothered by the art, because it’s kind of messy. Fuuma is also remarkably mature for his age but that’s because you know, he’s a prodigy (can’t have an older female, younger male thing w/o the guy being a prodigy). And what I love about the OF, YM is that the leading male is always this snarky and overconfident brat but inside-very-insecure brat which I just LOVE. 

Not exactly new shoujo but it’s a nice read and will tug your heart strings a few times. For typical shoujo lovers!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Vahlia no Hanamuko
Rating: 10/10

Vahlia was originally betrothed to Jiru but he disappears and Vahlia becomes engaged to his younger brother instead. Ahh, the angst!!!

Oh my gosh. Don’t you just love well-executed arranged marriage shoujos?? One of my favorite categories! Just to clarify, I’m reviewing only the first story of this collection of one-shots. Anyway, so yeah, this one-shot was perf. The art was beautiful and there were a lot of “quiet moments,” which hint what the character is feeling (I don’t think there were a lot of thought bubbles, if you read other Akizuki Sorata manga, that’s how her work usually is. It’s a nice touch.) I would have the reveal of the ~*unexpressed emotions*~ a bit different but really, a must read if you like shoujo one-shots.

This isn’t too fluffy so I’d think even non-regular shoujo manga readers will like this (maybe a bit of the older audience).

Akai Michi
Rating: 10/10

The female protagonist is unreasonably calm. She wakes up one day to find a red thread tied to her pinky.

Shoujo one-shots are quick fix to that romance crave. I’ve read a lot of one-shots and very few stay with me. Akai Michi is definitely a one-shot that I will remember. Not to mention I’ve always loved the question of self-fulfilling prophecies with soul mate traditions or folk tales. This story obviously explores the “red thread” belief Japan has.

It’s so cute, guys. If you are a typical shoujo reader, read this!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Thank you for 100 followers!

This blog has been going on for almost three years now. I don’t check on it regularly but I’m grateful for the people who take the time to read my reviews. I hope they’ve been useful for you in someway.

I’d love to review more regularly but I could really use some recommendations or request. Please don’t hesitate to use my ask to do so! :)

Here’s to more manga!


Kimi Kara no Resume
(Rating: 8/10)

She’s your ordinary office lady. But then… her super duper handsome and successful boss tells her “I love you”?! 

Typical OL Josei manga. It’s not bad but the scanlations available online are of poor quality (so warning you). I wouldn’t let the LQ scans bother you though. This is one fine piece of josei manga. The character development is great. Also, the heroine isn’t super dependent on her boyfriend boss. Their growth as a couple is well-executed. Other people in the workplace are also featured… like her friend who wants a career in music but because of financial problems, she’s forced to look for a corporate job and, another OL who writes manga and is only waiting for her big breakthrough.

Good read. Although Mr. Boss Boyfriend is a little too good to be true (meh, it’s josei after all). There’s a lot of office lady josei manga but I’d have to say Kimi Kara no Resume dealt with the setting more maturely than others.

Recommended for people who love OL manga, people who love josei or shoujo (maybe 14+). Prooobably not for guys.