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Welcome! This tumblog is dedicated to romance manga! Well, reviews about romance manga. This includes shoujo, josei, shounen and seinen!

I started this tumblog because I always wanted a site that would tell me good romance manga to read, and well.. I made it myself. So I hope someone stumbles upon this site and finds a good read.

Genres you won't find much here because I don't like them and therefore don't read them much:
smut, yaoi, yuri, shounen ai, shoujo ai, ecchi, gender bender

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Momoiro Heaven!
(Rating: 9/10)

I usually avoid smut like the plague. (On this site, I think the only other smut manga I reviewed was Hot Gimmick and my review wasn’t even that enthusiastic.) Just… too many annoying characters. Women are pushovers and are insecure, with no redeeming qualities. And there’s something equivalent to rape in its sex scenes. I don’t know. I’m too old for that.

Yet, Momoiro Heaven seems to be different. The protagonist is a girl who secretly writes erotica novels. A guy who’s an idol (of course he’s an idol, full bishie package!) finds out her secret and forces her to be his slave, making her cook him lunch and lalala. Momoko, the protagonist, is refreshingly mature. She’s not dense and actually has personality! Not whiny at all. I mean, I think this is only tagged as smut because she writes erotica and the guy has sex with other women a lot. Other than that, it’s a fairly above average shoujo. However, it’s not completely scanlated yet and I’m not sure if the sex scenes get more graphic and smutty later on. So far, not really.

With that said, not a bad read! Yes, if you are in the mood for something fluffy go read this piece of work. Definitely for the typical shoujo lover.

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Looking for someone to post reviews with me

Hi! If you have extra time, why not post romance manga reviews on this site too? If you’re interested, head on over to my ask.

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Blog Promotion: Romance Manga Reviews


Not as in depth as my reviews are but they’re straight up with what you get if you buy it. I personally love this blog and I suggest you all check it out if you’re into romance manga like me.


I got recommended!! Thank you so much thatoneotakukid :D I love your blog too. Lots of cool, geeky stuff.

The site has manga reviews that are not just manga (and other cool posts), for people interested in that! :)

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Twin Spica
(Rating: 10/10)


It’s about a tiny girl who aspires to go to space one day. She gets into a space academy. This is set in a fictional future of Japan where their government invested in space travel. 

Okay, now romance-wise, Twin Spica is all about subtext. That’s all you get the whole series. So if you want something romance-heavy, this manga won’t give you that fix. However, Twin Spica is a manga-to-read nonetheless. It’s the kind that stays. It’ll inspire you to never let go of that innocence and those naive dreams. 

If I hadn’t make it clear, yes, go read Twin Spica. Not a lot of romance (there is though, subtext, but there is), but a great read. 

— 1 week ago
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Lovely Complex
(Rating: 8/10)

I didn’t like LoveCom that much when I first read it. I was very young then. I was like, “Whaaat, the girl is chasing the BOY?!”

Yes, several years after I have realized its brilliance. LoveCom is one of the few shoujo romances I’ve encountered that has a brazen, unique heroine. The progress of their romance is quite realistic, not all fluffy, I have to say though, that it gets a bit boring and like-everything-else once they do get-together already (spoiler alet?! Oh, c’mon, it’s a shoujo manga. Of course they’ll have mutual feelings!) That’s why it’s not a perfect 10.

All in all, read Lovely Complex! I’d recommend it to not the typical shoujo reader too. 

— 2 weeks ago
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Black Peach Flower 
(Rating: 7/10)

She likes him. Or is it because of a love potion?

I wouldn’t say it’s a good read. But it is entertaining. A short & satisfying one-shot shoujo. Hardly memorable but it isn’t mediocre either. Recommending it for the twist. Basically, read it if you have nothing else to do.

For your typical shoujo lovers.

— 2 months ago
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Wordpress Site

I placed my reviews also on

The reviews are way more organized there. Check it out! :) I’ll still be updating this and the wordpress site when I post new reviews.

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Game Over
(Rating: 10/10)

What are you doing not reading this title?! So. Good. It’s one of the most satisfying one-shot josei manga I’ve read.

I’ve mentioned this before but I’m a sucker for older female younger male things. And of course, this is that. It’s about a pretty office lady who adores the attention she gets on the bus but can’t seem to catch the attention of that middle school boy she sits beside with, even after several attempts. The story follows them as their relationship progresses through time skips. Maybe nothing new, but the pacing and twists are just so well done.

Give this a try even if you’re not all into that romance stuff. There’s a little bit of fluff but nothing too sappy. Go read this. Simple but a good read.

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Love Roma
(Rating: 8/10)

Story of a super straight-forward guy who asks a girl out. The girl agrees and the manga follows the ups and downs of their relationship. 

I guess if this were shoujo it would be overdone and I’d forget about it immediately. Interesting thing about Love Roma though, is that it’s seinen, so it has all the elements of a typical shoujo manga but… it’s presented in a sort of bland, slice of life, no fluff thing. The way the male lead is so honest is just refreshing from all those non-existent bishounen characters. He’s definitely the key as to why Love Roma is unique. The premise sounds awfully simple and really, it doesn’t try to be anything else, with the series also only 5 volumes.

It’s an interesting take on the high school romance setting. Recommended to older audiences!

— 2 months ago
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Love Catalog
(Rating: 8/10)

Will this manga never have updates… 

Love Catalog is like *the* couple growth manga. Think His and Her Circumstances sans dark past. Very slice of life and coming of age. It’s quite seriously only about Mika and her boyfriend as they grow up, graduate high school and go into college. Unfortunately, scanlations updates have stopped during the BEST PART. Mika doesn’t want to have sex while Tanaka does!! I mean, what shoujo coming of age romance would be complete without that?! It would not. That is why the dilemma is there. 

Anyway, even if it isn’t scanlated completely, it’s still a good read. Lots of fluff so definitely for your typical shoujo readers only.

— 2 months ago
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